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The tax world is an ever-changing environment, making it challenging to stay up-to-date. The tax experts at DMA post timely tax updates and information on state and local taxes across the United States and Canada.

Topics include: property tax, state income tax, franchise tax, sales tax, use tax, commodity tax, crown royalties, unclaimed property and tax technology for unclaimed property, retail tax, JDE EnterpriseONE, SAP Utilities; and integrations with software by Vertex, Avalara, Thomson Reuters, SOVOS, Wolters Kluwer and more.

It Could Get Worse Still for Airbnb Hosts in Toronto

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New Brunswick Property Assessment Review and Appeal Deadline

New Brunswick Flag
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Unpacking California’s Proposition 15

California Proposition 15
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Washington Property Tax Appeal / RCW 84.70.010 Update

Washington COVID-19 Property Tax Response
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California Property Tax Calamity Claim / Prop 8 Appeal Update

California Property Tax Calamity Claim Update
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COVID-19’s Effect on Your Property Value and Taxes

COVID property tax devaluation greenstreet
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